Pass PlusDVLA



Driving is great fun; I started learning with John pretty much from scratch. He is a great teacher, not only did he teach me to drive but also how to drive responsibly. John has great knowledge of all the local roads; he is a very experienced instructor who gets great results. He will always go the extra mile to ensure his students pass, he picked me up extra early to prepare me for my morning test only to find out it was cancelled due to bad weather.
Thanks to John I passed first time. Itís great for me but I will miss the chats we had while I was learning. In the future I will be recommending John to everyone I know who is learning to drive.

Ryan (07/02/2017)


Iíve got to say Iím going to miss it. A great experience: I really learnt to control the car. Iím so happy I switched to your school, thanks again Iíll see you on the road

Nixon (07/02/2017)


Dad, sister and now me! I passed my test first time with no faults thanks to Johnís help and guidance. I canít recommend John enough to anyone regardless of ability.
I enjoyed absolutely every lesson including the lessons where mistakes were frequent.
John is patient, candid and an interesting person with a lot of interesting stories to tell.
I doubt I would have been able to pass with any other instructor, so all I can say is thank you John

Michael (11/01/2017)


John was a great instructor who got me through my test second time, but more importantly made me a safe confidant driver. He was recommended to me by my mother who was instructed by him 12 years ago! I would recommend him too.

Dylan (22/12/2016)


I have really enjoyed learning to drive with John. I was a bag of nerves when I started, but he was so patient, very helpful and gave me so much confidence. I would highly recommend John to anyone who wants to start driving lessons. Thank you John!

Megan (19/12/2016)


When I started, I felt quite nervous but you really helped to build up my confidence, so by the time I took my test I felt really confident! Youíre always very clear, helpful and encouraging, and I really enjoyed all my lessons with you. Thank you!

Sara (17/11/2016)


Liv (04/10/2016)


I really enjoyed my lessons with John.

Charlie (21/06/2016)


I have massively enjoyed learning to drive with John. He is a patient, caring person and delivers his lessons in a way that is clear and well-paced. It is clear that he wants the best for all his pupils and this is evident from lesson1. My father was also taught by John just over 20 years ago, and he also passed first time! I highly recommend Fiveways School of Motoring to anyone who feels slightly nervous about beginning to learn to drive as John will soon make you feel at ease and more comfortable in the car. Thank you so much and I shall always make sure I have a blue car to match my keyring!"

Lauren (18/05/2016)


John was recommended to me by two friends, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. John is clear, honest, and easy to get on with and very patient. He was also able to offer lessons around my work schedule. I passed 2nd time with Fiveways School of Motoring and I learnt to enjoy driving. Thanks John!

Hayley passed (27/01/2016)


I have enjoyed every single driving lesson with you, each one has been unique in its own way and I couldnít have asked for a better instructor. Thank you very much for everything! For believing in me and supporting me, my best moment was when I failed the first time you were more gutted than me, again thank you very much.

Toko (15/12/2015)


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me pass my driving test. Your calm and easy going attitude helped me feel relaxed and at ease whilst learning to drive. Also the flexibility, and your friendly persona, made booking lessons and tests a breeze. However your knowledge and experience gave me the skills I needed to pass my test, and have given me something which I will now have for life.

James (16/11/2015)


I found Fiveways School of Motoring instruction to be clear calm and concise. He, John Crowther, worked with my schedule; expertly assessing the areas I needed to focus on and giving me the confidence, and instruction enabling me to pass first time. I would not hesitate to recommend Fiveways School of Motoring

John (passed first time 11/11/2015)


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Fiveways School of Motoring. The way John taught the lessons were at the perfect pace, controlled and incredibly clear on what I should do to progress. It couldnít have been made any better. I passed first time with two minors and it was a breeze! Out of all the driving schools out there I would highly recommend Fiveways School of Motoring for the best experience. Thanks for the lessons have really enjoyed it. I will put my Ďpassed first timeí keyring on my car keys when I finally get them!

Sam (passed first time 08/09/2015)


Hallie (passed first time 02/09/2015)


I feel privileged and delighted to have had John as a driving instructor. His patience and attention to detail are fantastic and really helped me become the best driver I can be. John taught me from start to finish and allowed me develop and improve at my own pace. Cannot recommend him more highly Ė Thanks ever so much!

Andrew (passed first time 20/08/2015)


Huge thanks to John for his patience and tenacity! I was a very nervous driver but John helped me find my feet and tailored his teaching to my strengths. I am now a far more confident driver and am so happy to have passed, but I will miss my weekly lessons as I secretly really enjoyed them! I couldnít recommend John highly enough.

Becky (passed 28/07/2015)


John is a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed every lesson learning with John, his instructions were straightforward and if I ever made a mistake he reassured me as to what I had to do, never making me feel stressed, and making me a confident driver on the road. Thank you for helping me learn to drive, I highly recommend John to anyone wishing to learn.

Megan (passed first time 22/07/2015)


John is honestly the best teacher I could have asked for. Heís patient and easy to get along with, and caters the lessons you have to your specific needs as a learner. He knows how to make anyone in the car feel safe and secure, and will teach you to become the best driver you can be. So when you do pass your test you feel confident and ready to drive on your own. I have enjoyed his lessons so much, he will be greatly missed as a part of my weekly routine. I couldnít recommend any other person more! If youíre planning on driving John is the best of the best, and you will end up feeling honoured to have been taught by him! J I know I do! Thank you so much John for everything! X

Agnes (passed 20/07/2015)


Thanks John for helping me pass my driving test first time! I couldnít have asked for a better driving instructor, I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to making me the driver I am today.

Jacob (passed 07/07/2015)


I feel very fortunate to have had John as an instructor even if only for the past 2 weeks. John is very patient, easy going and has a very positive manner. Having failed tests in the past and with a time-pressure on this occasion, he was the perfect man for the job. I felt my confidence grow and now Iíve passed I am looking forward to getting out on the road on my own! Thanks for all your help John.

Dan (passed 17/06/2015)


Thank you very much John for all your hard work, you are a quality instructor, and I felt really easy and comfortable working with you! I know I only had 6 hours but I learnt more from those 6 hours with you than I did with any other instructor!

Tobi (passed 02/06/2015 )


After having several unreliable driving instructors over a two year period, John at Fiveways, was a breath of fresh air. He cleaned up a lot of bad habits I had picked up in the past and helped me to build my confidence as an independent driver. Good conversationalist, we cracked a few jokes and definitely great at putting me at my ease and relaxed for the day of my driving test.

Ben (passed 06/05/2015 )


John is clearly an experienced instructor; he picked up on every mistake I made during lessons and clearly gets pleasure out of seeing his pupils progress and succeed. You will be 100% road ready

Tom (passed 21/04/2015 )


Thank you very much John. Been a long ride but finally got there, youíve been careful and patient with me, making me feel comfortable before moving on, and making sure I could do everything properly. Iíll miss the company while driving

Harvey (passed 20/04/2015 )


Learning to drive is very rewarding, and John is a very good instructor

Edward (passed 04/02/2015 )


I feel so lucky to have come across John Ė Fiveways driving school of motoring. He is such a stellar driving instructor as well as an excellent person. Thank you for your clear, patient, and polite guidance throughout my learning. I passed first time while being 3 weeks away from giving birth. I couldnít have done it without you.

Nadya (passed 27/01/2015 )


I hadnít driven for 15 years when I decided to take refresher lessons and over a few months I went from absolutely terrified to now looking for any excuse to drive. Thank you John I really didnít think I could do this!

Kata (passed 10/01/2015 )


John is a great instructor! Even though I did have some experience he taught me things others wouldn't. He is very calm and forgiving for mistakes, a great person to train with. Many thanks again

Darius (passed 09/12/2014 )


I would like to take the time to say a big thank you for your support throughout my learning to drive. I felt calm and relaxed in your car. I am very pleased to have passed my test first time with your help. Thank you

Sasha (passed 02/12/2014 )

I am very happy with Fiveways School of Motoring, passed my test first time. John is a brilliant instructor, very experienced and patient. I highly recommend Fiveways School of Motoring to everyone

Marissa (passed 27/11/2014 )


I would highly recommend John as a driving instructor. I felt completely comfortable in his car from the get go. His patient and methodical approach to teaching helped me to gain the driving skills, not just to pass the test, but for life!

Annalies (passed 30/09/2014 )


Feeling confident about getting on the road having been taught by John, as good a teacher as you could ask for

Ollie (passed 10/09/2014 )


John is a fantastic driving instructor - always good humoured, flexible, a natuural educator who explains everything simply and with precision and who is a pleasure to spend time learning to drive with. I came to driving quite late in life and was a bit nervous, but John was superb all the way enabling me to sail through my test and at my own pace - and more importantly make me feel like a safe, good driver. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Tom (passed 21/08/2014 )


I would really recommend John as I am not a natural driver but still passed first time! He is very calm, patient and precise which which was just what I needed. Thanks!

Sally (passed 30/07/2014 )


Having hated driving when I was a teenager I was nervous to get back behind the wheel. The lessons were paced so well that my confidence grew each time and I felt that I really progressed from week to week. I'm thrilled that I passed my test with 4 minors! Thanks for all your help!

Rose (passed 29/07/2014)


Thank you for helping me to pass my driving test. To all Johnís students; listen to John he knows what he is talking about. Like me, I was saying I need more lessons and John said that I did notÖ.Thank you so much John. Many regards Paul

Paul (passed 26/06/2014)


I cannot thank you enough for all your help John. A kind, helpful and patient instructor who is always willing to do anything to help and enjoys nothing more than to see his students succeed not just in passing their test but becoming safe and confident drivers. To get me from a nervous wreck to passing my test first time with one minor is only credit to how good you really are at your job. A true gentleman and I wish you all the best for the future! Kindest regards from an ecstatic DRIVER

David (passed 23/06/2014)


John is a great driving instructor. If you want to learn to drive; go with him, you wonít regret it. Many thanks

Miles (passed 09/06/2014)


Wow I can't believe I am now a qualified driver, first time as well!! All thanks to John, an incredible instructor, who is very thorough and will get you completely ready and confident for the test as well as for a life as a driver. And it's been such a pleasure to learn with him. Great time, great instructor, great experience. Thank you so much.

Lukas Miguel passed 1st time (passed 20/05/2014)


John is a fantastic teacher; he completely understood my learning style from the very first lesson and I felt totally at ease behind the wheel, despite a previous experience with another instructor that left me feeling like I'd be stuck on a bicycle forever! John instilled a real love of driving in me that I never expected and I will really miss our lessons! Thank you !! Harley

Harley (passed 13/05/2014)


After a bad experience with a past instructor, I was very nervous about learning to drive again. I felt as if I would never pass my test. John made all the difference. He was unfailingly patient and never raised his voice, even when I made the most ridiculous mistakes. His calm approach made me feel comfortable and confident. I'm convinced he's the best instructor in brighton, and will always recommend him to everyone I know.

Jenny (passed 12/05/2014)


I passed my driving first time thanks to a lot of help, patience and support with John. Before learning with John driving had always terrified me, however he equipped me with the skills needed as well as building my confidence greatly with his relaxed but professional approach and so I felt totally prepared for my test. Lessons with John were always great fun and I'll be sad to not have our weekly drives but couldn't be happier with the result! Thank you so much John

Hannah (passed 08/04/2014)


Fiveways was able to provide a flexible and calm approach throughout my learning experience. John's patience and positive meant that not only was I able to pass my test first time but learn a skill that will last a lifetime

Jason (passed 23/04/2014)


Really am over the moon, thanks John youíre a legend

Joe (passed 31/01/2014)


Before I met John the idea of getting behind the wheel of a car made me very nervous indeed. Today I passed my driving test - something I thought I would never be able to achieve!
Thanks to John's unfailing patience and encouragement I was able to build up my confidence and kick my nerves into the kerb! Thank you John. I couldn't have done it without you.

Simon (passed 30/01/2014)


Passed first time
Thank you! Am so chuffed to pass first time. Have overcome my fear of driving and given my family all the freedom we would want!!

Sam Suter (passed 22/01/2014)


Passed first time
Hey John, thank you for the fantastic instruction that allowed me to pass first time. Your understanding and faith in my ability helped me learn everything I needed to pass, but also saved me from wasting money on lessons that I didn't need like other driving schools would. A great teacher and a true gent. Gareth

Gareth (passed 26/11/2013)


John is the best driving instructor you could wish for. His calm, patient approach always makes you feel comfortable and in control. I passed first time under John after failing once before with another instructor. I would definitely recommend John to anyone that is learning to drive. Cheers John!
Thanks again for all your help

Jack (passed 06/11/2013)


I picked John as my instructor 'cos of his many years of experience as a driving instructor and I'm glad I did. Learning how to drive on the left hand side of the road in a manual car when used to driving on the right side in an automatic for so many years was a challenge but easily overcome with John's patience. He arranged my lessons around my schedule and was flexible with picking up and dropping off after lessons; it worked out really well for me. I highly recommend Fiveways School of Motoring. Thank you John.

Anna (passed 23/10/2013)


John creates a calm atmosphere where I could easily pick up the skills to become a confident driver and pass my test. After having several instructors without success, John's teaching methods simplified driving into short memorable processes.

Nicholas (passed 15/09/2013)


Johnís patience, knowledge and encouragement enabled me to gain the skills and confidence to pass my test and to drive safely! John is a fantastic instructor, and he seems to genuinely enjoy his work which makes his lessons really fun and unique. I never believed I could pass my driving test until I started learning with John. He restored my faith in driving instructors and helped me to become a Ďdriverí.

Beki (passed 15/08/2013)


Thank you so much John!
As a patient and supportive instructor you have made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. After my mother, sister and I all passing successfully with Fiveways School of Motoring we would highly recommend John to anyone. Thank you John, you have been a great instructor and it's been a pleasure.

Sarah (passed 15/08/2013)


When I came to John I had 15 years of experience of driving in Brazil and needed to learn how to drive in the UK so I could have a license here. After 12 lessons I passed my exam and now feel super happy to be able to drive on my own. John is someone who clearly loves what he does and knows everything there is to know in his profession. A very thorough teacher and a great character too!

Mariana (passed 12/08/2013)


Passed first time
I'm very pleased to have passed first time with John, great instructor and was always honest with me and my progress, and helped me hugely to achieve what I have.
Thank you very much John, all the best for the future!!

Jon (passed 07/08/2013)


Passed first time
John is a patient and down to earth teacher. He was supportive and honest with me and I passed first time! Highly recommended

Eddie (passed 31/07/2013)


Passed first time
Thank youuu again!! Soooo much!! I would say you are an amazing instructor, very easy to get along with and very thorough in your teaching! Iíve felt relaxed and confident in my driving with you and very happy Iíve passed first time!!! Going to miss you!

Sally (passed 19/07/2013)


Thank you for all of your help and flexibility - being able to fit lessons in and around work was a god send, at times I truly felt I would never pass but you helped me so much.

Tom (passed 17/06/2013)


Passed first time
John was my third instructor and the only one thatís truly been able to boost my confidence and make me feel relaxed at the wheel. He'll never make you feel small if you make a mistake and never seems to lack patience. His approach is such that when you're ready to take your test, you know you're ready. Thanks to him, I achieved the impossible today and passed at my first attempt with no faults. Don't waste time with anyone else!

Jon (passed 29/05/2013)


Passed first time
Hey John, thank you so much for being a great teacher and knowing your pupils better than they know themselves! I passed it first time because of you, once again thank you! :)

Will (passed 16/05/2013)

Hello there, we're absolutely delighted that William's passed his Test, first time.
Considering he wasn't able to practise in between lessons (he preferred not to as he thought the automatic car would only confuse him) he is very, very happy about it.
Thanks for your tuition, patience and help during all his lessons.


Passed first time
Thank you sooo much! Been great having you as my instructor and helping me pass first time! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, thanks again!

Sadie (passed 13/05/2013)


Passed first time
Thanks a million John. It's been a pleasure, now I can concentrate on building your pizza oven.

Warren (passed 29/04/2013)


Passed first time
Learning to drive with John has been great fun and made me confident in my ability to drive independently.

William (passed 02/04/2013)


Passed first time
Thank you so much John for being so supportive and thorough with your teaching! I would never have passed first time without your dedication and hard work. I will be sure to recommend you to all! Thank you again!

Natasha Tulley (passed 21/03/2013)


Passed first time
Learning to drive was one of the toughest things I've ever done. I really struggled at first but ended up passing first time thanks to John's expert tuition. He was so patient, an excellent teacher and just generally a lovely guy! He genuinely wants all his pupils to do the best they can and to become safe and skilled drivers. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone

Anna (passed 11/03/2013)

You were fantastic at building my confidence and understanding my anxiety about driving after a 14 year break. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to everybody I know. A huge thank you.

Hilary (passed 27/01/2013)


Thank you so much for everything John, I couldn't have had a better instructor (or as patient even!) I already have and will carry on recommending you to everyone! All the best and see you again for motorways!

Matilda (passed 17/01/2013)


After a four year break from driving due to university I came back to Brighton and resumed my lessons. Not only that but my circumstances demanded I pass within a matter of weeks. It's a real testament to the thoroughness of Johnís instruction that a lot of the key skills were still there and we were able to pick up practically where we left off. Iíd fully recommend John, not only for his evident professionalism, but also going the extra mile for his students.

Tom (passed 20/12/2012)


Cannot thank you enough, best driving instructor I could have asked for. Would recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive to learn with you.

Elle (passed 10/129/2012)


Iím so happy to have finally passed with Johnís help. It has taken me so long.

Neharun (passed 19/09/2012)


Thanks John for turning me into a proper little confident driver! Never thought I would ever be able to drive my lovely car but thanks to you I can now.
3 generations of my family eh? Iíll definitely be sending more friends your way! Thanks again!

Amy (passed 25/10/2012)


John was an excellent driving instructor and he was very thorough with his teaching. By the day of my test I was extremely prepared and relaxed and I passed first time! Cheers John

Miles (passed 08/08/2012)


Hooray! I just passed first time with only 2 minors. Iíd love to say it was my driving genius but it was actually down to Johnís teaching Ė He has been nothing but patient, supportive and encouraging not to mention humorous. I cannot recommend him highly enough, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and I couldnít have done it without him. Thank you John.

Ruth (passed 07/08/2012)


Thank you so much! You ironed out all my bad US driving habits! Now I can drive on the correct side of the road with a stick shift (manual) couldnít have done it without you. Thanks again.

Mark (passed 07/08/2012)


After passing first time with John I can only say that his thoroughness, skill and above all kindness have made learning to drive an enjoyable and (rather rapid) experience. I can heartily recommend him

Callum (passed 02/08/2012)


I felt I could always trust the feedback I received. John always gave me time to make my own mistakes and then explained what I did wrong and how to fix them. I would recommend John to any learner

Del (passed 29/05/2012)


Today, thanks to John, I passed my practical driving test, first time, with an examiner, my instructor and the examinerís supervisor all in the car with me. John is a thorough driving instructor with superior tactics to other instructors

Luke Simons (passed 07/03/2012)

Thanks to John at the Fiveways School of Motoring, I was able to pass my driving test at the first attempt. Johnís instruction was superb; he built up my confidence but never at the cost of high lighting mistakes or areas for improvement. Johnís comprehensive tuition has left me feeling well equipped to continue driving confidently and safely for the rest of my life. John was always punctual, flexible and considerate and I will definitely recommend to everyone considering driving lessons

Russell (passed 15/02/2012)


I’m so delighted that I have passed; it’s going to make a big difference to me and my family. John has been the best of teachers; warm, patient, skilful and very, very funny. I’m going to miss him.

Anna Reeve (passed 16/01/2012)


John is a great instructor and a pleasure to drive with. Every lesson was enjoyable and I always learnt a lot!

I would recommend John to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Mike Fothergill (passed 11/01/2012)

Refresher lessons with John were great. He gave me back the confidence I so desperately needed to get behind the wheel by myself.

Caroline (passed 17/10/2011)


I’m very excited. I passed my test today and have John to thank for it. I never thought I would be this comfortable behind the wheel but John makes it all really easy. He doesn’t shout, doesn’t panic and never loses his cool, and on top of that he is an awesome friend that you can chat with. I highly recommend john if you want to pass your test with confidence.

Vandad (passed 16/11/2011)


Wow the best feeling ever, passed today and I still can’t believe it, never thought I would pass but with John’s time and dedication to getting me through it I passed on my 4th attempt. Thank you so much for getting me driving.

Ian (passed 17/10/2011)




Miles (passed 11/08/2011)




John is an excellent teacher. I passed first time under his tuition.  I always looked forward to my lessons with him and would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you so much John

Gemma (passed 09/08/2011)



John is a fantastic instructor.  My sister, brother and I all passed first time under his tuition, and I can’t thank him enough!  Anyone considering to learning to drive should definitely choose Fiveways School of Motoring, if they want the best chance of success!

Tess (passed 12/07/2011)



I would definitely recommend John, especially after passing today with no faults. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without his teaching, thank you so much! J PS I’ll be sending my brother to you.

Susannah (passed 27/06/2011)



John is a brilliant instructor who got me through my test, admittedly on my second try! Lovely guy and very easy to get on with. My thorough recommendations and I hope many others experience his excellent teaching!

Ben (passed 02/06/2011)



Learning to drive with John at The Fiveways School of Motoring has been a truly pleasurable experience. Tuition moved at a pace that always felt progressive but in a relaxed atmosphere. Upon taking my test, after my lessons with John, I passed first time with only one minor. Throughout my tuition John has been a great instructor and a good friend.
Thank you John for your excellent tuition.

Jamie (passed 07/06/2011)


John is patient and calm whilst teaching driving without any gimmicks, giving you the skills to adapt manoeuvres to any car, not just ones with strategically placed stickers on the window like some instructors. Having passed my driving test I have not only learnt valuable driving skills from John , but have enjoyed the entire process and his company throughout. I couldn’t recommend him enough. I want to thank you very much for all your help and guidance, passing today wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Tulsi (passed 07/06/2011)


After two years, four different instructors, 1 failed test and an altogether horrendous experience whilst trying to learn to drive I turned to John on recommendation from a friend, and passed next time around! His approach to driving instruction is superb and his experience really shows. I just wish I'd gone with him in the first place.

Geoff (passed 21/04/2011)


Very relaxed and experienced instructor who I very much enjoyed learning with.

Chas (passed 20/04/2011)


I passed my test on 8th March 2011 - Very happy!

Nicole (passed 08/03/2011)

I passed my driving test today with only 3 minor faults. Thank you very much, John. Without you, I would not do this. You are a such super experienced, supportive and patient teacher. I enjoyed every minutes of my lessons.
Thank you very much again for helping me through this and you are the best!!!

Rui Wang (passed 03/03/2011)


I wish I had learnt to drive with John in the first place, I would have passed months ago!"
Thank you!

Lola (passed 24/02/2011)


I had the most amazing time learning to drive with the Fiveways School of Motoring. I looked forward to the lesson every week and was encouraged to enjoy the experience of driving. I have now passed my test with only 2 minors and love the confidence I have behind the wheel and on the roads.
John, I will miss seeing you every week and cannot thank you enough for the lessons you have taught me.

Kim (passed her test on 26th Jan 2011)


Both my brother and I passed first time under extreme time pressure as we were going travelling a couple of days after our driving test. John was a great teacher and made learning to drive an extremely enjoyable experience.
Thank you again... Getting me and my brother through first time is a pretty impressive feat.

Milo (passed his test on 29th Jan 2011)